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Santé "Intense"

Well, one year ago siam-records took santé under contract 
and prepared the first release for the boys from Berlin 
for siam.

The musical potential of these three is already very clear, 
and while anyone could have guessed their talent, they 
have still exceeded the possibilities!

Santé has just released their second very successsful release 
on souvenir, and are hitting the national and international 
waves with there release on rekids. Even techno godfather 
Radio Slave has put Santé in first place on his charts.

Beside the hypnotising and tribalistic original you can find 
a remix of one of the most present producer: 8bits GORGE. 
He creates an amazing deep driveing house monster.

// Tiefschwarz (Souvenir)
Deep nice original.

// Jimpster (Freerange)
Really solid debut release including 2 of my favorite producers right now.
deep, minimal and wonky stuff on the original which is my pick on this release.

// Pedramovich (Supernature, Four:Twenty, Renaissance)
Amazing release. Gonna be testing it out in london tonight! Nice and groovey!

// Sasse (Mood Music)
Really nice EP, both tracks rocks my floors.. Might prefer Gorges remix a bit more than the original though. 
Well done ! 

// Luna City Express (MoonHarbour) 
Nice label start up. I prefer the remix of gorge.

// Alexander Maier (Buzzin fly, Mood music)
Yes a great start. really love both mixes. original modern percussive house and gorge goes lovely deep. full support

// James Masters (Rekids)
Can I get the 320’s please – this one is a keeper!!

// Nils Nürnberg (8bit Records)
both mixes really solid! love the vibe of the original... once again great manipulation of (mr. always reliable) gorge. gonna play this out a lot

//Dave DK (Mood music)
Nice tracks here on Siam, will try both mixes, i think the original does the trick for me more

// Mic Newman (Dirt Crew Rec, London)
I love BOTH tracks! totally up my alley - will play!

// (International Freakshow, Murmur, Robsoul)
Sante ist immer wieder ein vergnügen!!! Vollster support

// P.toile (Mothership, Trenton)
Nice release with good producer I love at the moment.
great Tools. will play. congrats Siam for the first release.

//Till von sein (Morris Audio, mood music)
gorge is the man right now.. never let me down in the last weeks and this one is sure shot shit as well.. just one lil mistery: how is the guy called? ;)

//Julietta (Harry klein)
Sehr schön :-) Das Original gefällt mir am besten....

//Patrick Zigon (Puzzle Traxx)
Love the Gorge RMX!

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Dambalaa & Capetown Riverboating


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Martin Eyerer plays Dambalaa in his Radioshow




BEGINN 23:00
EINTRITT 9 € (6 € <>

PERFECT CIRCLES: SANTÉ live! (Souvenir, Rekids/Berlin), ALEX FLATNER (Circle Music, COCOON/Mannheim), DANIEL BORTZ (Pastamusik/Augsburg)

Wir können alles. Außer Hochdeutsch! Mit dieser Sympathiekampagne warben die Baden-Württemberger für ihr Land. Eine solche Kampagne haben Santé gar nicht nötig - ihre Tracks laufen auf Dauerrotation bei den unterschiedlichsten DJs und mit ihren aktuellen Maxis auf Souvenir und Rekids bedienen sie House und Techno-Floors gleichermaßen. Als Santé produzieren die drei Brüder Philipp, Mathias und Marius Meier Peaktime  Entertainment par excellence. Angefangen hat alles in Ulm, denn dort stammt Santé nämlich her, und witziger Weise wurde ihre "Supervision"-Maxi im dortigen Club Chateau Knarz vom Fleck weg von Matt Edwards alias Radio Slave für sein Label Rekids gesignt, als der Track als letzte Nummer in ihrem Live Set gespielt wurde, und das obwohl Radioslave als auch Santè mittlerweile alle in Berlin wohnen. Philipp Meier von Santé ist genau zur richtigen Zeit in Berlin gelandet und betreibt mit Ali und Basti von Tiefschwarz das Label Souvenir, auf dem u.a. Steve Lawler, Audiofly, Carl Craig, Sleeperthief, Ruede Hagelstein, Adam Port und auch Santé untergekommen sind. Erfolgreiche Gigs als Live Act haben Santè schon in Clubs wie dem Weekend, Watergate, Violet Berlin, Robert Johnson, Alte Börse Zürich, Winter Music Conference Miami und dem Electronic Music Festival in Brüssel hinlegt und wir freuen uns, Santé jetzt auch in der Roten Sonne begrüßen zu dürfen.

Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009

Santé at Weekened

Die SOUVENIR LABEL NIGHTmit Tiefschwarz, Santé (Live) und Adam Port, die BERLIN, BEATS & BOATS Parade sowie das EASTPORT FESTIVAL in Berlin sind unsere aktuellen Highlights. Viel Spass!


Santé (Live)
Adam Port
are playing records all night long 

Bei Sonne
Donnerstag 09.07.2009 19:00 MEZ – 06:00 MEZ: 

Bei Regen
Donnerstag 09.07.2009 24:00 MEZ – 06:00 MEZ: 

WEEKEND CLUB, Alexanderstr. 7, Berlin, Germany

Du wolltest schon immer mit Tiefschwarz und Freunden eine Party über den Dächern von Berlin feiern - hier ist deine Chance: Am Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2009 bieten die Souvenir Music und Weekend-Club in Berlin die Gelegenheit, diese besondere Veranstaltung mit Tiefschwarz, Santé und Adam Port über das Internet live in der ganzen Welt zu erleben – mit – dem neuen Live-Music Service: Ausschließlich live in bester Audio und Video Qualität.

Registriere dich für diese Veranstaltung unter und du erhältst Zugang, um bei dieser exklusiven Veranstaltung hautnah dabei zu und um neue Freunde von Livebeats aus der ganzen Welt zu treffen!

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

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Santé "Vacation" on IbizaNOIRe.09

Digital release date is July 20th 2009.

Dienstag, 2. Juni 2009



- love iiiiiiiiiiiit.....great ep! can i get a download link please?
Dubfire - Could you send over the 320s for this release please?
Italoboyz - i like the santé remix, can i have it on 320's please?
Monika Kruse - the track was pretty good
Gabriel Ananda - i like the sante remix. really nice beats. the vocals are at the border of what
i like, but from time to time it might fit well into my set.
Bloody Mary - support for the rmx! waiting for the link :)
Jussi-Pekka Parikka - anyway, this release is JUST my kinda stuff a.t.m.! especially the
santé -remix will get playtime for sure!
Tiefschwarz - hhaaa great! love all mixes - pls send me 320 mp3s
Sebastian Roya - Very nice EP. I like all the tracks!
Andrey Zots (Afu) - Thanks! Nice ep overall but I like the Santé remix most of all... Good job!
Tillman Cremer (Yellow Tail Records) - Great vocals. Will play original and Santé remix! Thx
David Phillips (Global Ritmico, Majestic Sounds) - wow this is a nice release. all tracks are
on full rotation in my wallet. 9/10
Minimorph (Globox/Multivitamins/Minibus) - Santé rmx is my style!
Christopher Çolak (Acik Radio / Istanbul) - I really do not like these kind of artist and track
names which unhelps on writing and encoding but music is good to be satisfied. Very good
and neat tribalism over deepness.
I really like this EP especially the Santé Remix. Also &Me track has ultimate base sound! Good.
Alex Piccini (Kaufe Musik, Multivitamins, Malatoid) - Santé rmx!!!Really goooood!!
Sonett 77 - Für den Santé Remix gibt’s auf jeden Fall Rotation-Support auf Berlin FM.
Ben Anders (Micro.fon/Mekrsedir/OFF) - Great EP! F.I.R. original and santé remix are my
favourites... both tracks are really great!!
Francesco Gemelli (Globox/Analytic trail /Capsula) - I like santé remix! nice work!
Franksen (YouFM Clubnight) - Santé went to their studio to find out that their epicly deep n
dirty grooves of "YOU" could be revived. The result sure pays the bills and paves the way to
your next dancefloor with sassy expectations!
DJ Rob Warner (OurHouse Magazine) - nice one. Thanks for that. I quite enjoy the Santé
remix on this and the +++ '&ME' track is great too.
jim masters music - 5 out of 5! FIR is a really brilliant track, def in my top 3, santés mix & +++ both very good also
Kihira Naoki - Santé Remix! I love it!!

Jetzt kaufen!


resident advisor top 50 may

santé "you" - #30

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Freitag, 8. Mai 2009

Can't wait..

Watergate Berlin

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Santé at Wenerle - Villa (04/04/09)

Santé - White (Review on Resident Advisor)

Every label is a little family; Souvenir happens to be several. Not only is it the project of the two Tiefschwarz brothers, its latest addition Santé is composed of a fraternal trio: Philipp, Marius and Mathias Maier. In the wake of their remix work on Rekids, the Maier clan's Souvenir offering is a promising release that shows the brothers in full deep house thrall and neatly encapsulating both ends of the revival: the inspired and the not-so-inspired.
"White" begins sunny and beatless, a clipped wail and reggae organ pulsing over a bright bed of pastoral ambience. Then this warm, bucolic clearing gets sent reeling when the low end snaps into position and the track suddenly careens into a deep house tunnel. Gradual it's not: the tune works in discreet, abrupt shifts, not crescendoing or unfolding as much as lurching back and forth. On several occasions the track seems to be on its way to winding down only to erupt again in a clipped, uptempo grind. Stripped and emotionally spirited, "White" is cause to once again give thanks that house music has finally found its way to German lands. It stages the Germanic engagement with house as an act of delicate surgery, where the goal is to deftly extract the soul while leaving the cheese behind.

"You" relies on overlaid vocal slivers and flurries of sampled congas. Its full-fledged middle stretch is satisfying, where layered conga rolls become the expression of dense and fleeting patterns. The drops, however, aren't particularly compelling. While in production the drop is in essence a game of subtraction, you don't want the game to be immediately apparent. The goal is the semblance of a natural progression, not the display of calculation. Here the sounds feel a bit like they're petering out, each remaining element simply marking time until the flush of the full groove returns. While it thus feels a bit rote when compared to the joyful A-side, the unintentional side benefit to such roteness, however, can be its pedagogical value—when a work's surface fails to conceal its inner scaffolding, the listener can more easily glean the tricks of its construction.

Words /
William Rauscher
Send to a friendPublished /
Tue, 07 Apr 2009

Tracklist: Santé - White
A White
B You

Santé - Supervision on Beatport

Serveral Djs like Radio Slave, Chris Liebing, Speedy J, Gregor Tresher, Adam Beyer and more charted our Track Supervision (Rekids 034)